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Discover Our Journey: Revolutionizing Outdoor Services with Passion and Expertise.

At Mowing Solutions Inc, we are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces and providing exceptional services in roadside and right-of-way mowing, vegetation and debris removal, and solar panel maintenance. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering outstanding results, we are your trusted partner in creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes.

With years of experience and expertise in our field, we have become leaders in the industry, setting the bar high for quality and customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with the knowledge and specialized equipment needed to tackle any project with precision and efficiency.

Safety is our top priority, both for our team members and our clients. We adhere to strict safety protocols and guidelines to create a secure working environment and minimize any potential risks. You can trust that we will complete every task with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Certified Diversity: DBE & MBE Accreditation


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Committment to Safety

Your Safety is Our Priority: A Commitment to Ensuring Peace of Mind.

Safety Statement

At Mowing Solutions, the safety and well-being of our employees, clients, and the general public are our top priorities. As a highway mowing company, we understand the potential risks associated with our operations and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety. This safety statement outlines our dedication to creating a safe working environment and ensuring responsible practices throughout our operations.

Employee Safety:
a. We provide comprehensive safety training to all our employees, emphasizing safe working practices, proper operation of equipment, and hazard awareness.
b. Regular safety meetings and toolbox talks are conducted to address potential risks, reinforce safety protocols, and provide opportunities for employee feedback and suggestions.
c. Personal protective equipment (PPE), including high-visibility clothing, ear protection, eye protection, and safety boots, is provided and required to be worn by all employees while on the job.
d. We encourage employees to report any safety concerns, incidents, or near misses promptly, ensuring that appropriate corrective actions are taken.

Equipment and Maintenance:
a. All mowing equipment is regularly inspected, properly maintained, and serviced to ensure its safe and efficient operation.
b. Operators are trained on the safe operation of equipment and are responsible for conducting pre-start checks to identify any potential hazards or malfunctions.
c. In case of equipment malfunction or safety concerns, employees are encouraged to immediately notify their supervisor and cease operations until the issue is resolved.

Traffic Management:
a. Our company strictly adheres to traffic management guidelines and works in coordination with local authorities to ensure the safety of our employees and the traveling public.
b. Proper signage, flaggers, and barriers are utilized to establish clear work zones, delineate safe areas, and guide motorists appropriately.
c. Our operators are trained in safe work zone practices, including setting up and maintaining safe traffic flow during mowing operations.

Environmental Responsibility:
a. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. Our employees are trained to identify and protect sensitive areas, wildlife habitats, and water bodies.
b. We strictly adhere to local regulations and best practices regarding the use of herbicides and pesticides, ensuring responsible and controlled application when necessary.
c. Waste generated during mowing operations is disposed of properly and in compliance with applicable environmental regulations.

Continuous Improvement:
a. We regularly review our safety policies and procedures, incorporating industry best practices, technological advancements, and employee feedback to enhance our safety performance.
b. Incident investigations are conducted to identify root causes, implement corrective measures, and prevent similar occurrences in the future.
c. We encourage open communication and active participation from all employees to foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement.

By adhering to this safety statement, we aim to create a safe working environment for our employees, protect the public, and deliver our services with the utmost professionalism and responsibility. Safety is not just a priority; it is an integral part of our company’s culture and values.